Pedro Sousa Design Studio

Portuguese designer, Pedro Sousa was born in 1976. Currently lives in Matosinhos, where he have his own design studio.

On the beginning of his career Pedro established several partnerships with companies of mass-production or products for small-scale on a craft production. Ever since, he values his owns traditions, the most important thing to him is the way in which the objects he works focus on preserving artisan skills and craft knowledge. He always push the boundaries for a common purpose, to find new challenges and exceed expectations.

After studying industrial design in Matosinhos and Dublin he founded Boca do Lobo brand in 2005, where he directed the design department until 2009. Since then, he created a new path, a blend of tradition and renewal with an experimental approach to their chosen materials and techniques.

In the same year, Pedro starts his own studio and dedicated himself entirely to his personal projects. In this way, he started collaborating with international brands such as SAAl-Design, Ginger & Jagger, Bow & Arrow and ByEdition, among others.

Nowadays, Pedro work is diversified and covers many field ranging, from the design of small objects as jewellery and ceramics to interior and public spaces, from craftsmanship to industrial scale, from exhibitions to videos and photography, along with furniture products. Pedro also maintain an experimental activity, which is also essential to the development of his work.

A long of these years, his work have been recognized and selected to be part in exhibitions around the world. He is one of the most prestigious Portuguese designer, with is work featured in many major art and design publications.

Avenida D. Afonso Henriques,
Nº 815, 4º, 4450-015 Matosinhos,

Phone/ +351 915 900 752

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