Pedro Sousa Design Studio

D. Manuel

— Boca do Lobo

King Manuel I of Portugal. This title is associated with a period of significant Portuguese achievements both in support of Portuguese maritime exploration and the arts.

During D. Manuel's reign, the Portuguese discovered Brazil, a maritime route to India and managed to acquire an overseas empire of vast proportions, the first in world history to reach global dimensions.

This cabinet was inspired by his legacy. The Manueline aesthetic and style pays tribute to Portugal’s most influential periods. People collect all kind of things, from rare and valuable to banal and ordinary. The D. Manuel was designed to be versatile and store these type of objects.

The cabinet legs are made from solid mahogany and were crafted in a traditional way. It is finished in high gloss black lacquer. These are the central elements of this piece. They carry all the references of this style although slightly more elongated and thin than the original ones, but maintain the essence of their predecessors, most likely a memory of the voyages that have been given to us as a legacy.

With a structure in MDF that can be interpreted as visions of those city skylines, the cabinet surface has a copper leaf finish with a black lacquer gradient applied on the outside.

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