Pedro Sousa Design Studio


— ByEdition

In 2015, Pedro was approached by friends, owners of a small foundry company headquartered near Porto, to participate in a project called ‘Byedition’. The brief called for several designers to produce pieces of furniture made according to the useful life of each cast, suggesting a new vision for the fusion between design and craftsmanship.

Working in collaboration with Byedition, Pedro created an inspiring limited edition that contains exclusive pieces designed in homage to the heritage of the Bauhaus values.

Bauhaus student and subsequently professor and director of Ulm School, Max Bill lends his name to the Max lamp, a piece of strong sculptural value where aesthetic principles and materials used by the influential Swiss designer are reinterpreted. Max is a lamp with a strong sculptural presence. The challenge laid in the difficulty in shaping the natural form and texture without losing its plastic features. In this case, the pine texture was removed from the bronze or sand casting without changing its identity and characteristics, resulting in a very dramatic and artistic piece.

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