Pedro Sousa Design Studio


— Art on Chairs

In 2014, Pedro was approached to participate in a project called ‘Art on Chairs’ that aimed to boost industrial companies and local economy, joining in partnership the industry and designers based in Portugal.

The brief invited several designers to create pieces of furniture based on the techniques and know-how of each unit maximizing what each has best to offer. The work was exhibited in several events in Portugal and abroad, such as Beijing Design Week in China.

Once again picking on a subject that Pedro is constantly working on: wood elements or tiles.He used wooden blocks for his first collections. Since then, he began to appreciate the beauty of these simple forms.

A piece of wood which becomes a layer, armor, wall, skin or coating. The idea behind this project is made of identical elements. Each one is connected to form a unified surface.

Pedro then started to draw microscopical things like cells, animal skin, surfaces and coatings passing through series of drawings influenced by armors, particularly for Japanese samurai. This represents just that: the idea that matters is a small unit which, once multiplied, turns into something larger than the sum of its parts.

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