Pedro Sousa Design Studio


— Boca do Lobo

The very beginning of the Diamond sideboard stemmed from the fascination at the time for the Gothic period. This piece is inspired by Gothic furniture, especially

trunks, with simple and robust shapes, revealing a heavy and solid appearance which in fact is a problem. The challenge from the very beginning was how to make them light.

The solution was to start cutting the solid volumes, for example, like carving gemstones, to achieve a lighter feeling. This sideboard was designed to be as light as possible so as to almost float in the space despite its large volume.

In addition, other key elements on the diamond are the color and the lion feet which convey a remarkable character.

After drawing hundreds of different feet, it seemed that none of them would fit. None made any sense especially when coupled with the selected solution for the volume. After a long time and almost giving up on this project, suddenly in one of his visits to the Jerónimos Monastery, a Portuguese national monument, Pedro Sousa understood that the best solution would be to keep the faith on the original idea. This is why several mythological animals became the perfect solution for this sideboard.

At the same time, experiments with different inks failed in achieving the expected results. Then he started all over again. A lot was expected from these new materials but conventional ink seemed to correct the problem.

Here, form and material are very much interrelated. Finally, Pedro came up with this idea: a silver leaf with translucent color.

He had this feeling that this precise combination of materials would be able to carry a body while taking its shape with a certain subtlety and kind of mineral feeling or metallic look that he wanted.

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