Pedro Sousa Design Studio


— Ginger & Jagger

The Leaf mirrors are the result of tenacity and willingness to risk and take things to the limit, if you are willing to experiment with no compromise and learn from the results.

At the beginning of this process, while exchanging some ideas with the artisans and receiving valuable information from them, Pedro had the intention of experimenting with leaves but the experienced craftsmen said that it was impossible to cast leaves. They were too thin for the hot metal to run at high temperatures and imprint leaves texture on thin metal plates.

Determined not to give up in the first tribulation, Pedro decided to glue leafs of different types and formats on thin balsa wood.

After several attempts to achieve the exact and perfect thickness for the leaves, we began to arrange them in two simple forms -  a circle and a rectangle - so that the mirror set would appear with frames in cast brass.

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