Pedro Sousa Design Studio


— Boca do Lobo

Pedro launched the Mondrian sideboard at the 100% Design London 2007 one year later. The Mondrian sideboard is a companion to the Soho sideboard launched at the 100% Design London 2006 and an exhibit at Tent London for the CPDD+.

Mondrian's grids started to influence Pedro Sousa more. He then decided to launch the Mondrian sideboard, a direct influence of the designer’s works in his compositions. After removing one of his works from 1918, he turned a frame into the Mondrian sideboard.

Built by a combination of different styles of drawers (25 drawers and 1 door), it contains drawers with: handcrafted lacquered fronts, fronts made by clear mirror and crystal handles, fronts made in marquetry and brass handles, fronts with black lacquered glass or leather. The cabinet is made from UV bonded gray glass with the base in solid wood and lacquered in black.

Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, Nº 815, 4º, 4450-015 Matosinhos, Portugal.

phone. +351 939 015 467