Pedro Sousa Design Studio


— Ginger & Jagger

Magnolia sideboard has always been an example of what industrial design could be for Pedro. It symbolizes that we could be experimental, expressive, formal, witty and ultimately be ourselves.

Starting with a simple wood volume enclosing four compartments, one with four sliding drawers as the project progressed, a magnolia tree branch molded in brass casting was introduced underneath which helped to give a warmer quality and also prevent that the sideboard would become a banal piece with no character. In some way a poetic expression, this added mix of materials also helped to reinforce this.

The simple rectangular volume allows a small amount of sculptural feeling and the right dose of chaos to appear.

Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, Nº 815, 4º, 4450-015 Matosinhos, Portugal.

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