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— Boato Gallery

Workplace is a small installation for both indoor/outdoor spaces for work and thinking, a safe and calm place for concentration of those who don’t want to work in conventional spaces such as office buildings and other, this can be installed into an own private backyard, gardens or public spaces.

This space is modular and organic, is based on the standard measures of euro pallets, which can be easily reconfigured. The installation includes a glass facade framed by a slight aluminum frame on one side ( which has not been installed here due to the fact that the installation is placed indoors, but indispensable for the proper outdoor functioning).

Workplace is a 3,20x2,40x3 meter free-standing Pavilion, designed and built in collaboration with designer João Coelho. Made from metal roofing sheets (shingles) and several types of wood waste, in a kind of recycling of raw materials, it is equipped with a desk, and minimum containers and shelves to organize essential work equipment, a fog machine and a mixing desk.

The installation was developed taking into account the ingenious and creative solutions developed on favelas or slums. The project was originally commissioned by the Boato Gallery, Porto, where it was exhibited as part of the exhibition and performances for the new gallery reopening.

It looked at how design can help people become more sustainable, ecological and more rewarding lives.

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