Pedro Sousa Design Studio


Rubber is a suite of different cabinets. Each item has a specific format. The purpose was to design a collection of cabinets brought down to the minimum, using the minimalistic approach concerning details and eventual elements based on the quantity of material and assembled items.

The cabinets with several different proportions offer just the right amount of space for every purpose. Rubber provides flexibility, adapting to changes. In time, individual units can take on different functions in both housing and work environments. Each item of the Rubber collection has its own character and yet harmonizes perfectly with its kindred.

All three cabinets can open easily with the ‘TIP-ON’ mechanism by gently tapping. The frame built in solid wood is designed as an integrated element. As a result, the wooden compartment and doors merge together as a unique solid element that is easy to use and handle.

In addition to the neutral wood tones, the Rubber collection comes in a variety of possible colors.

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