Pedro Sousa Design Studio


— Boca do Lobo

Handles! Since starting to work on his first collection for BL, Pedro began to appreciate the beauty of handles, an ancient and simple craft. A little piece of brass which becomes essential in each piece of furniture and even crucial in the sense of being able to influence the character of products in which they are inserted significantly affecting the perception and personality of the piece itself.

Crochet is covered by a set of cabinet knobs welded together, The knobs and handles have different sizes, styles and shapes. Each is carefully welded to the other forming a different geometry, resulting in a new and different geometric shape. In almost infinite multiplication, these shapes create a pattern that expand in the piece, presenting a pattern with relief instead of a flat plain without texture.

The chest is made of wood and has seven drawers. The handles are nickeled and then lacquered with translucent black giving a metallic look to the carved metal mesh.

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