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— Boca do Lobo


Shield, Ottoman and Zaragoza are a new range of side tables by Pedro Sousa. In fact, they are the main reason that the name ‘Coolors’ was given to a second collection designed for Boca do Lobo.

It is an idiosyncratic mix of shapes. The main idea behind this is that it is not a ‘set’. It is a collection of primary colors and therefore the pieces will happily sit alongside other objects in the home. Each piece was designed to sit alone and the whole collection may just as well be used together.

All three are quite similar but there are small variations in shape and a singular way of integrating curves against curves. This gives a unique identity while delicate details make up their individual personality.

The Shield side table is no exception. It has a distinct top of embossed curves and a simple column ending on tripod feet in yellow.

The Ottoman has a distinct twisted column ending on tripod feet and is the top is oval, almost melted and available in cyan blue.

The Zaragoza side table is the smallest of all three. It has a classical profile made of a winding top ending on tripod feet and it is available in magenta.

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