Pedro Sousa Design Studio

L / T / T

— Boca do Lobo


The story behind this small collection of stools is a significant one for Pedro Sousa. Leroy was one of the first pieces of furniture that Pedro designed and probably the first he launched in the furniture market as one of the founders and the person responsible for the newly created design department of a new brand.

Leroy was the first model of this small wooden stool collection, thought and designed to be produced by simple processes, such as lathe or bandsaw, made from a collage technique of several wastes woods until the desired dimensions are reached. This stool is a functional piece drawn in simple clean lines. It is available in both solid oak and a mahogany-oak mix.

Thompson is a minimalist and clear stool characterized by its regular octagon base and a delicately concave profile. It is available in solid oak.

With soft curves of the Tiffany stool in a slight and smooth spiral, the two bases on each top can be used on either side. It is also available in solid oak.

This natural wood collection deliberately invites tactile exploration and becoming an essential part of this versatile collection of pieces, like tables or benches that can be used as lateral support to chairs and sofas or as a simple table depending on the need.

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